“Two Things You Can Do That Naturally Stops Menstrual Pains”

About 1 – 2 days before your mensuration begins, cramps sets in.   And I know how very discomforting it can be. But by the end of this really quick write up, you will discover: Why that pain keeps happening to you and 2 things you can do, which works, that you will actually use to get rid of the pains.   First thing first. Here is why you have cramps:   Those Pains are Actually Caused By Your Womb Read More

“While Your Age-mates Are Starting to Look Old & Have Wrinkles, This “Rare” Cream Could Remove Wrinkles from Your Own Face & Make You Look 7 years Younger than All Of Them”

Good News! Science has finally discovered a solution for wrinkles. And right now you can be able to easily remove wrinkles from your face in exactly the same way you remove pimples. It sounds too good to be true, yes, but it is really true. And here is proof on one of the biggest newspapers in all of Britain!! This cream was discovered after 7 years of rigorous research by a team of 8 professional American dermatologists. And that is Read More

How to Naturally Remove Stretch Marks on Your Skin…

By nature, once women passes teenage stage and hit 18 years and upwards, tendencies of stretch marks start showing, for every woman… it’s totally different.   I’ve seen women who didn’t even get a single stretch mark on their skin till after their first child birth while I’ve also seen ones that are only around 22 years yet they have stretch marks on almost all parts of their body, even on their breasts…. like anywhere you can imagine.   But Read More

“Interesting Story of Woman With Wrinkles And How She Hides It”

On April 18th 2017, a picture of an 89 year old Nigerian woman hit the internet. And in a few hours her picture went viral….all over Nigeria. The picture first hit Linda Ikeji’s blog; Then Nairaland.com And hours later it was all over Facebook and twitter and Instagram…and practically everyone was talking about it. Part of the reason why her picture went viral I believe; was because she had, arguably one of the roughest faces you had ever seen. Her Read More

5 Easy Things You Can Start Doing Today To Get A More Beautiful Skin

Get smoother, brighter skin with these simple steps. To get gorgeous, radiant skin you don’t need expensive creams or procedures—you simply need healthy habits and the right arsenal of products, most of which, can be found at the drugstore. These easy fixes to your beauty routine can help bring you one step closer to glowing skin. 1. Buy a silk pillowcase. Ditch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. “Cotton crinkles, so smooshing your face up against it can lead Read More

9 Great Braid Tips from Hair Experts

We know we might talk a big game about braids, giving you a ton of inspiring braid tricks and tips for mastering the “perfect” braid. But we’ll admit that it’s not that easy to pull off an excellent, awe-inspiring braid every single time you try. There’s a reason why you see so many three-strand braids in photos—they’re the easiest not to mess up! And even after watching approximately two billion video tutorials, we’ll (silently and anonymously) admit even we, the Read More